Intricate endodontic procedure of both an apical delta in palatal root canal and three mesiovestibular root canals with an “S” form


Extreme endodontic procedure. Case number: 334

A Vertucci type V pulp space configuration can be described as follow: One canal leaves the pulp chamber and divides short of the apex into two separate distinct canals with distinct foramina (1-2). According to Vertucci’s study in 1984 on a 100 mandibular molars sample, the type V configuration in distal root, occured only in 8% of the teeth examined. In the apical third of distal root, each part of the split as been individually cleaned, shaped and filled with gutta Percha and Pulp Canal Sealer. 

This is a type V Vertucci's root canal configuration on a SECOND maxillary molar palatal root canal. An extremely complexe root canal configuration to clean shape and fill. The root canal is already very difficult to perform due to tooth position in the arch. Patient was having an A.A.A. at this time, making this experience a challenging one for both of us… Treatment took a total of three appointments because of the apical delta and because of calcified second mesiovestibular canal to treat.

Esta es una configuracion de canal radicular tipo V Vertucci's;de un conducto radicular palatino en un segundo molar maxilar(superior). Una configuracion radicular extremadamente compleja para limpiarla y llenarla. El tratamiento radicular(endodoncia) es  muy dificil llevar a cabo debido a la posicion del diente en el arco. El paciente estaba teniendo un A.A.A. al mismo tiempo, haciendo de esta experiencia un reto para ambos… El tratamiento tomo un total de tres citas por el delta apical encontrado en el canal palatino y por la calcificacion del segundo canal mesiovestibular tratado.

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