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Combining high technology and over 30 years of root canal experience, Dr Pizem offers an advanced microscope-assisted endodontic treatment, or micro endodontics, providing you with precision diagnostics and a quality of care respecting the highest standards in Montreal.

Why Micro Endodontics

30+ Years of experience

in root canal treatment

Convenient clinic location

near Vendôme station

300+ Complex clinical cases

published for dentists

Same-day appointment

for emergency treatment

Root Canal Patient

A quality of care you can rely on.

Over 5000 dentists worldwide are following our advanced work in root canal therapy. The independent testimonials of our patients, along with their referring dentists in Montreal, attest across several public forums to our level of competence in the field.

Quality & Satisfaction

Dentistry at the cutting edge of technology.

The dental operating microscope enables practitioners to perform precision diagnostics and deliver an exceptional level of care. Thanks to a power of visualization 2 to 10 times greater than popular dental magnifiers. Our clinic uses an Opmi PRO Ergo microscope, one of the most advanced model of the Zeiss brand.

Operating Microscope

Root canal magnification under operating microscope

A little word from the Dr Pizem.

« I know how stressful going to the dentist could be for you, the patient. So let me reassure you. I’ve built my entire reputation on my professionalism and the passion I pour into my craft. I will not compromise on equipment quality, nor on the effort necessary to restore your teeth. In the end, my greatest satisfaction is to see you fully recover your dental health, so you may grab big bites at life again. »

Dr Pierre Pizem

A solid experience, dedicated to the finest quality of care.

Dr Pierre Pizem earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery at the University of Montreal and developed over 30 years a distinguished experience in root canal treatment. Dedicated to offer the finest quality of care to patients, he is one of the first general practitioners in Quebec to apply micro endodontics. This innovative approach enables him to then treat with extreme precision and depth even the more complex cases that lie outside the reach of standard methods.

About Dr Pierre Pizem

Advanced clinical cases

Dr Pizem has published over 300 of his more advanced root canal cases for the benefits of his fellow dentists. These examples not only illustrate the high standards of care he delivered to referred patients, but also demonstrate the effectiveness of micro endodontics as a preferred alternative, in many cases, to extracting and replacing even a severely affected tooth by a dental implant.

Advanced clinical cases

Dental Operating Microscope